Memoir and Tribute Booklet for Patrick Magebhula Hunsley

After 56 years, our dear friend and comrade, Patrick Magebhula, breathed his last on 4 August 2014. This memorial booklet is a memoir and a tribute to Patrick’s life. The Alliance, together with his family, hundreds of national and international comrades and friends, including housing minister Lindiwe Sisulu, attended his funeral on Saturday 16 August 2014, at the Kwa Mashu Christian Centre in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal to bid Patrick farewell and celebrate and honour his life.

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This memorial booklet is compiled of his own writings and reflections, as well as those of his friends and comrades. It is a collection of some of Patrick’s poetry, sayings and song as well as tributes from friends and comrades, fellow activists and community leaders in the South African SDI Alliance, international SDI affiliate countries, international friends and government, to name but a few of the many people and places that tributes have been streaming in from.

Patrick’s life and times encapsulate much of a quintessential life of a poor black South African childhood under apartheid and adulthood during a time of social and political change. His life was dedicated to the work of community mobilisation, network building, and deal-making. Those who knew and worked with him, will remember his persuasive oratory, marvellous sense of humour and his poetic soul.

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