Mshini Wam cluster 2 reblocking now in progress

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The reblocking of Cluster 2 in Mshini Wam has begun!

ISN leaders have been engaging with City of Cape Town officials and principle field officers for more than 6 months, and now cluster two is in progress. The process of the reblocking process requires full participation of the community in the in-situ upgrading of their settlement. Yesterday, 5th July, 8 shacks were pulled down. The affected households stored their goods with neighbors, and the site was prepared through intensive manual labor. The community leveled the ground, supplemented by G5 filling material capable of holding the cluster’s weight.

Today, 6th July, 8 shacks will be erected. This new Interlocker material is of much better quality that the pervious shelters, and does not burn as quickly.

The reblocking process therefore requires full participation, and the disruption to people’s lives are minimal. The new cluster will be designed in a way that ensured no one is required to be relocated, and that neighborhood watch is promoted. The full delivery of services, such as an access road, is the long term plan, but for now, the space create ensures that toilets and water taps can be installed in a way that promotes community ownership.

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