Enumeration reports for Joe Slovo, Sheffield Road, Europe and Barcelona informal settlements uploaded on SA SDI Alliance website

By 21st Nov 2011 News


Mobilisation and capacitation of community organizations around their own resources and knowledge is the Alliance’s approach for securing delivery and deepening democracy.

The first point of departure is generally the enumeration of an identified settlement.  The objective of these enumerations is on one side to ensure that its development interventions create concrete frameworks, which allow slum dweller beneficiaries to constructively engage with the State and other role-players. This means that through the pilot project partnership, new pacts between local government and organized communities will be established to build the trust, reciprocity and developmental practices required to imagine, design and implement sustainable neighbourhoods. On the other side, enumerations help to develop the network’s capacity to restructure human settlements in a way that challenges the spatial barriers created by colonial and current design politics, introducing integrated planning strategies, which take into account environmental and economic conditions.

The Alliance is currently mobilizing dozens of informal settlements throughout the country through these household surveys. Please view the full reports on how the process worked for the Cape Town communities of Joe Slovo, Sheffield Road, Barcelona and Europe in the DOCS section of the SA SDI Alliance website.

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