Community-Led Solutions to
Homelessness, Landlessness
& Poverty



The South African SDI Alliance supports urban poor communities to find solutions to homelessness, landlessness and poverty.


We build community-organising capacity, pursue collaborative partnerships and implement informal settlement upgrading, livelihoods, and housing projects.

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“The kind of upgrading we speak of is not about land and services alone. This is about realising real citizenship and equality in our cities.”

late Patrick Magebhula Hunsley


Across South Africa, inequality and dire living conditions remain harsh realities.

Our response?

Building strong, organised movements of the poor who self-identify priorities and pragmatically engage government and other actors on development solutions.

“We realised, even if we get democracy in South Africa, if poor people are not organised, government will work for them and not with them.”

Rose Molokoane
National FEDUP Coordinator


Community Organising

We support communities to organise and identify priorities through:

Data collection
Learning exchanges

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We seek pragmatic partnerships with government and other actors to enable change on the ground.

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Community Led Projects

We implement projects to demonstrate community-led practice in:

In-situ informal settlement upgrading
People-led housing
Livelihood initiatives

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Cities & Towns
Savings Groups
Upgrading Projects
Settlements Profiled

“Data is the ID of the community. It helps us understand where we are and build relationships with local government. But we need to live our data so that any time we are asked, we know all information about our settlements. In this way, we can have an impact on how the country is run. If government wants to talk about anything, we would have the most updated data.”

Nkokheli Ncambele
National ISN Coordinator